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Virtual Courtrooms

Remote Access

The Marin County Superior Court offers access to various court proceedings remotely via ZOOM. Appearances for all non-evidentiary hearings can be made remotely, unless otherwise ordered. Please find the Zoom information for the courtroom / department you are scheduled to appear in above.

If you are unable to join by video you may join by phone by calling (669) 254-5252 and using the passcode provided or if you need help logging into the zoom meeting, please send an email, with your name and case number to:

Criminal arraignment proceedings require an initial in-person appearance by defendant and or counsel. Appearances thereafter can be made via Zoom.

Before your hearing:

Download the Zoom app to your computer or smartphone.

Day of your hearing:

  1. Dress in court appropriate clothing.
  2. Fifteen minutes before your hearing, go to a quiet and private place where you have a strong Wi-Fi , internet or cellular connection. Make sure your children are not present. Only parties and their attorneys may participate.
  3. At least five minutes before your hearing, click the Zoom meeting link. Enter the meeting number and password. If the link does not work, click "Join Meeting" in the Zoom app and type in the meeting number and password from the Zoom appearance information. If you have trouble connecting by video, you may join by telephone by calling the phone number on the Zoom email invitation. If you need help logging into the zoom meeting, please send an email, with your name and case number to:
  4. Once you are connected, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. The judge may hear other cases before yours. You may have to wait awhile but stay ready. Mute yourself while you are waiting. If you are calling in on a phone, do not place the court on hold. When the judge tells you it's your turn, unmute yourself and follow the judge's instructions.

During the hearing:

  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking
  • Raise your hand if you need to speak
  • State your name before your speak
  • Speak one at a time
  • Allow a pause between speakers

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