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Exhibits Overview

Once a court case is concluded and the appeal period has expired, exhibits that were submitted during the case may be returned to the party that submitted them or destroyed pursuant to California Code of Civil Procedure section 1952(d) or California Penal Code section 1417.5.

If your court case has concluded and the appeal period has expired, you may receive a Notice of Intent to Destroy Exhibits from the Court Records Division. You may choose to pick up your exhibits rather than have the court destroy them.

Exhibits for small claims, civil, family law, juvenile, probate, an criminal cases may be picked up by appointment from the Court Records Office by the party to whom the exhibits belong or the party's attorney. You will need to bring photo identification. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Exhibits may only be released to someone other than the party or attorney that submitted them if the owner of the exhibits provides the other person with a signed and dated letter authorizing them to pick up the exhibits. The letter must include the person's name, address, and telephone number and that person will need to bring the letter and their photo identification to the appointment.

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