ePortal Overview

Case Information can be accessed through Marin Superior Court’s ePortal.  ePortal allows users to perform case and calendar searches.  A case search provides access to public cases and displays Party Information, Future Events, and more.  A calendar search allows a user to see what matters are on calendar and filter by specific date(s), case type, and courtroom.

To access ePortal, users will need to create an account.  Please click from the groups below for more information on registration.

Portal Access

Go to ePortal

ePortal Account Creation

Instructions on how to create your account to access the Online Portal can be found here: Click here for PDF guide.

ePortal Navigation

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My Cases and Navigation

Once you have been granted token access you will find all your cases in the “My Cases” tab.  Click the View Case button to view the desired case.
ePortal displays case information through the following tabs.  Click on the tab name to see what information you will see.

Case Tab

Shows any Judicial disqualifications, parties, and future events.

Filings Tab

Shows Case and SubCase filing dates and disposition information.

Parties Tab

Shows party information—names, akas, representation, custody, bail, and party status.

Documents Tab

Shows the documents filed— filing date, document description, and filing party.  Token access provides viewing of the document’s PDFs.  This tab also redirects the user to eDelivery Portal to submit subsequent documents.

Exhibits Tab

Shows any exhibits that have been added to the case. The exhibits can be associated with a specific event.

Events Tab

Shows past and future events (hearings). If the event contains a Minute Record, token access allows you to download the PDF.

Special Status Tab

Shows any Appeal subcase information. It will display the date of filing, as well as any disposition information.

Case Transfer Tab

Shows the transfer order date, receiving or sending court, and the other court’s case number.

Appeals Tab

Shows any special statuses that have been added by the Court.

Navigation Video

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